DATE: 10/08/15

SUBJECT: Call to Action – Throwdown Thursday

Greetings, team – connecting with you in regard to a recent Throwdown Thursday happening. From this point onward we will be encouraging more intense throwdown challenges. It is a concern that frequent and reoccurring “whisky-sour payments” will run stale as the weeks pass, causing a downturn in morale. Perhaps more importantly, such payouts are not consistent with our program goals, system, or training. Today’s throwdowns of push-up competitions and slam poetry sessions, however, run more parallel with what is expected from Throwdown Thursdays.

Throwdown Rules

Throwdown participation and outcomes are measured in successfully closing. Furthermore, all defamation per se must be appropriately balanced with backed up claims and proven tactics through closings. These will be monitored.

There are not nearly enough “you-daddy’s” being risked. A recent Nielsen Group study suggests potential sales increases of 52% are reasonable with immediate and frequent implementation of “you-daddy’s.” A demand for “you-daddy’s/mommy’s” will have an immediate positive effect on our closing percentage. Please consider this moving forward.

Payout timeframes must be established prior to competition to encourage accountability.

Concession speeches can be formulated as medium stakes bets. Requirements of such include both written and verbal acknowledgement that the decided winner is the king/queen of marketing. Bowing down and hand kisses are optional, dependent on office HR codes (and who is in the room).

The traditional “pie in face” is scheduled for a comeback in upcoming Throwdown Thursday events. Apple pies are now banned for corporate reasons.

Karaoke bets/Funny tie challenges are permitted.

Weakness is not tolerated throughout Throwdown Thursday banter.

Our firm trains and encourages strong words with future talk, as these characteristics are consistent with successful business. When addressing the room, please address participants as though they were employees in your own office.

We expect agents to mix it up each week and create new incentives on Thursdays. Our staff cannot be all wit, looks, pleasurable smells, and dapperness without having the creativity and consistency to back up their throwdowns.

I will be glad to discuss any of the aforementioned topics in a 1-on-1 meeting. My contact information will be provided through HR.


President Cash