Gotta Hatch Em’ All


“Hatchimals” are a HIT. They come as an egg, rub them the right way, they hatch into little monsters. Hatchimals talk, walk, and dance, almost as well as we do.

These bad boys are flying off the shelves, and we have seen them resold for double the retail price. Crazy, right?! One of our representatives mentioned they wanted one. We tend to get what we want, so Flashmob made it happen!

You work hard, you get to play hard.

$300 later, we have the biggest toy on the market sitting on my desk. Hatchimals are like MOBSTERS, a little nature, a little nurture, a lot of fun, and BOOM! Everyone wants your business.

If you can find one buy one. If you cannot find one, surround yourself with those who can and earn it.