Barn Door Secrets

It’s Thursday, which means Cash’s Pick of the Week is upon us once again.

This week, we will be reviewing the mystery in our office.

Here in our office, we take our success very seriously. We don’t want anyone stealing our well thought out plans and using them for evil instead of good, thus the reason why we speciality ordered a mysterious Woodfold Bookcase Door to hide all of our million dollar successes and secrets. The unknowing passerby comes to the office and sees nothing but what looks like a bookshelf (with extraordinary novels and stories written by yours truly). But, our Mobsters’ trained eyes know that the true beauty of our company hides behind that door.

The Bookcase Door evokes curiosity and we love having a little bit of curiosity and wonder in our office.

This product is something we definitely recommend if one wants to keep treasures hidden from the public.

Check out their products here.